Terms of Service

This may be modified at any time without further consent of the user.
Property of KeyAuth LLC. Headquartered in Indiana, hosted in New York.


KeyAuth is an open-source service, the source can be found at https://github.com/KeyAuth/KeyAuth-Source-Code . You are NOT allowed to sell KeyAuth source or sell subscriptions using the KeyAuth source. The source code is for personal and educational use only! Failure to abide by this will result in a DMCA takedown request.

Third-Party Copyright File Uploads/Downloads

We do not host any user files. Instead, we allow our users to download via our API which acts as a proxy. The files are never stored on our server. Given this information, if you are the owner of any copyrighted material that is found on KeyAuth; you must contact the file host and notify them of the alleged infringement.


Account owners have the sole responsibility for their credentials. KeyAuth is not responsible for the loss, leaking and/or use of user credentials unless through a security breach on our platform. We make available numerous options to protect your account, including 2FA. Accounts are for individual use only, any multiple-party use is prohibited and may result in the termination of your account (without refund).

Payment Issues

If you are experiencing any issues while making a payment, you did not receive your subscription after payment, or you have a question about a payment please create a ticket https://keyauth.cc/app/?page=support. Please do this BEFORE creating a dispute on your payment platform.

Content Restoration

KeyAuth will not restore any data that was deleted on your account unless it was due to an error on our end. Users must confirm that they are sure before deleting anything on the KeyAuth website. Make sure you are protecting your account credentials (do not share them with anyone), and your seller key. In the wrong hands, your entire account could be negatively affected.

Subscription Gifting

If you would like to purchase a subscription for another user you may do so by entering their username at checkout on https://shop.keyauth.cc/ or https://paddle.keyauth.cc/. Please DO NOT login to anyone's account that is NOT yours. Any third-party use on an account may result in termination of your KeyAuth account.


You are responsible for the content uploaded or that communicates with KeyAuth. While we will remove illegal content if we're made aware of it, "KeyAuth" is provided immunity from any legal action held against anything uploaded by users on our service (KeyAuth 230 of the Communications Decency Act). Emails from law enforcement or legal counsel regarding illegal content using our service should be directed to [email protected].

Acceptable Use

You agree to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations in connection with your use of KeyAuth, this is not limited to your local laws. The use of our service to host, transmit, or share any illegal data will result in an immediate termination of your account and a possible law enforcement notification. We also forbid any attempt to abuse, spam, hack, or crack our service without the written permission of KeyAuth LLC. The following actions will result in account termination:


It is pretty much necessary to store these details to fight fraudulent disputes. Otherwise, we'll have insufficient evidence to win the dispute. Also I highly recommend you use the password manager https://bitwarden.com. You can use Bitwarden for free on multiple devices, and you can also purchase their premium to unlock the ability to store 2FA codes in their browser extension or mobile app.

Learn how to delete your account here https://keyauth.cc/gdpr/

We collect the below-listed details. We'll try to keep this updated, you can also view https://github.com/KeyAuth/KeyAuth-Source-Code/blob/main/db_structure.sql

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